Micro Hydro Training, Nepalgunj.
Micro Hydro Project Management Training.
Micro Hydro Installation.
Solar Panel Installation.
Biogas Plant.
Micro Hydro Plant Survey.
Solar Monitoring, Dailekh
Solar Monitoring, Dailekh
Install Micro Hydro Power, Jajarkot
Institutional Experience

We are having about 20 years of experience in rural development program especially in the field of renewable energy, environment and management. During this period we have gained the experience by providing the following services in the sector.

Study, Research and other Related Works
UCS has also involved in the consultancy studies in the following sectors:

Study and Research Related Works:

SN Description Year Client Remarks
1 Micro-hydro Users Survey 2056/57 2000 AEPC  
2 Design and Developed Concrete Plug flow Design of Night soil Biogas Plant 2001 ITDG  
3 Nepal Biogas CDM pre-feasibility studies of Institutional plants 2007

Pioneer Carbon, UK

4 Improved Water Mill (IWM) Users’ survey


5 Performance Study on IWM Electrification Project 2010 CRT/N  
6 Identification of Private Sector Capacity and Its Involvement in RET in Rolpa District 2010 AEPC  
7 Study on Use of Biogas for Electricity Generation 2010 AEPC  
8 High Rate Anaerobic Digester for Biogas Production from Waste Water 2012 KU/NORAD Working as a Project Partner
9 Support for Integrating Climate Change Adaptation Issues in Low Carbon Economic Development Strategy for Nepal 2014 AEPC  
10 Monitoring of Additional Subsidy Supported Micro Hydro Projects as well as Preparation of Their functional status 2015 AEPC 4-MHPs
11 Monitoring of Micro Hydro Projects Damaged by Recent Earthquake – Cluster 2 (Gorkha Districts 2015 AEPC 5-MHPs
12 Monitoring of Micro Hydro Projects Damaged by Recent Earthquake – Cluster 2 (Gorkha Districts 2015 Practical Action 7-MHPs
13 Evaluation of Sustainable Micro-Hydro through Energizing Rural Enterprises and Livelihood (SMRE) Project 2016 Practical Action  
14 Emission Reduction Monitoring (User’s Survey) of Improved Water Mills (IWM) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Programme of Activities (POA-2017, CPA-I & CPA-II 2017 AEPC  
Planning Related Works:
SN Description Year Client Remarks
1 The Resource Mapping of Various Energy Resources in Rolpa District 2010 AEPC  
2 Stakeholders interaction meeting and RET exhibition in Jajarkot District 2010 AEPC  
3 Integrated Rural Electrification Master Plan of Rolpa District 2010 AEPC  
Development of Reference books/Manuals:
SN Description Year Client Remarks
1 Renewable Energy Newsletter 2000 ITDG 2 issues
2  A booklet on: An Introduction to RE Technology in Nepal 2000 AEPC  
3 A Procedural Guidelines for Peltric Set Installations 2000 ESAP  
4 An Inventory and Assessment of Biogas and Improved Cooking Stove Activities in Nepal 2001 AEPC  
5 Micro-hydro Implementation and Training Manual 2002 ICIMOD  
6 Catalogue for Micro-hydro Equipments in association with CADEC 2006 AEPC  
7 Mini Grid Year Book of Nepal - 2007 2007 ESAP  
8 Renewable Energy Data Book - 2009 2009 AEPC  
9 Updated Micro hydro Management Training Manual 2012 ESAP  
10 Updated Pico hydro Operation and Management Training Manual 2012 ESAP  
11 Renewable Energy Data Book -  2011 2011 AEPC  
12 Preparation of Third Party Guideline and Implementation 2011 AEPC  
13 MH Feasibility Study Guideline & Reference MH Standard 2013 AEPC  
14 RET Baseline Data-2012 2013 AEPC  
15 Micro Hydro Projects Interconnection Equipment Standards and Specification 2013 AEPC  
16 Micro Hydro Project Construction and Installation Manual 2014 AEPC  
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